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As an influencer, the paid partnership feature helps build a more transparent trust relationship with the audience through the disclosure of sponsored posts. It also gives influencers the ability to collect more data so they can make more informed decisions about which business partners and brands they want to work with. This feature will also serve as an indication to other brands that the respective influencer is participating in paid partnerships and can increase the number of referral opportunities they receive. There are times when it`s not appropriate for an influencer to tag a brand with the paid partnership feature in a post or story. This is true even if a brand has not hired the influencer as a brand ambassador or for a paid campaign. It is also possible that the influencer shares images or information about a product that was offered or that was part of a previous campaign. Again, the details of this agreement must be discussed and agreed upon at the beginning of the engagement between the influencer and the brand. If you`ve been paying attention to your Instagram app for a few months, you`ve noticed the increase in the number of your favorite influencers using the „paid partnership“ tag on Instagram. In 2017, Instagram launched the paid partnership feature to increase the transparency of sponsored posts on the platform. The paid partnership feature gives brands, influencers, and the public more transparency and trust, and is a great way to increase the flexibility and visibility of Instagram users.

As Instagram constantly adapts and updates, this feature will only become more important and user-friendly in the future. The use of the paid partnership feature is becoming more and more common among influencers, making the platform a more reliable source of brand recommendations by increasing transparency for influencers and brand representatives on the platform. However, the paid partnership is not cataloged in the ad library launched in May 2018. Facebook`s Ads Library is a public archive where users can see all the ads that politicians and campaigns run on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, users can see ads that have been shown on the platform in the past. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began cracking down on influencer posts that didn`t make clear the paid relationship between the influencer and the brand. As a result, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also explored new ways to deal with sponsored advertising that violates regulations. When Facebook users click on the „About this partnership“ icon, they see additional information about the content creator and the company that paid for advertising their products. Influencers should aim to use the paid partnerships feature for any story feed or post sponsored by a brand or partner.

Even if the brand doesn`t pay specifically for that post, but has a general sponsorship agreement, it needs to be tagged in relevant posts or stories to ensure that the influencer maintains transparency with their audience. The details of this agreement must be discussed and agreed at the beginning of the engagement between the influencer and the brand. Facebook doesn`t get paid for branded content or paid partnerships About this partnership panel information – screenshot source Once the brand goes live, the brand sees organic information in the „Brand Content“ tab in Facebook Page Insights. Business partners must have an FB page to create an Instagram business profile. You can also view your paid partnership stats using Facebook`s Business Manager in the Branded Content tab under Measurement & Reporting. For brands, the paid partnership feature provides direct access to information about the influencer and the engagement they bring to the brand. This feature helps brands gather insights and statistics about the performance of sponsored content campaigns on Instagram, allowing brands to make better decisions for future Instagram marketing campaigns. Access to these statistics can help brands determine which influencers are most effective for the brand`s products/services and allows them to estimate the return on investment they can expect from individual influencers involved in campaign strategy. A paid partnership on Instagram occurs when an influencer or trademark attorney shares a post or story on the platform and brand as a business partner in a business account. When used correctly, the paid partnership tag will appear at the top of the image or in the story where the area/location is usually located. Subscribers will see „Paid Partnership with [Business Partner]“ directly under the account username. The title of the business partner is a hyperlink that leads directly to the company page.

The paid partnership feature increases audience transparency, provides access to information, and eliminates the risk of negative consequences of sponsored posts, preventing the FTC and ACCC from supporting you. The paid partnership feature also allows companies to enable the „Partner Approval“ setting. This gives brands the ability to approve or reject sponsored content partnerships before an influencer`s tagged post is published to ensure their Instagram marketing materials are brand-compliant. For example, a fashion influencer on social media who promotes clothing or cosmetics brands through social media posts. The branded content tool allows content creators to clearly mark the post for which they have been paid for a „paid partnership“. Facebook doesn`t make money with such branded content. However, content creators are required to disclose paid partnerships. [Source:] Wondering why it`s so important to create branded posts? You will get a complete answer by looking at the list of benefits of branded content: The high quality of branded content is a must because it represents the quality of the products and services you sell.

You must set high standards for content production and meet them in all circumstances. Step 1. Identify a business partner in your content post If you`re a business that wants to create a branded content ad with a creator, make sure the creator shared the post or story you want to promote, marked your business, and allowed your business to promote your branded content. Feed Posts Insights Stories Insights Access to Business Manager Insights [Source:] The company believes the ad tool is an important step in making political ads more transparent and advertisers more responsible by allowing the audience to see every ad shown to anyone in an „easily searchable database.“ When it comes to branded content, it`s important to create a strategic plan and design a content calendar. It is necessary to decide in advance how many messages you need to create per week and per month. Only „political advisors“ can use Facebook`s branded content tool Go to your Ads Manager and create an ad. This process remains the same as usual, but when you select your media, click on „Use existing publication“. Here`s a list of posts and branded content stories available in the Creative section. These are the posts and branded content stories that a creator has given you permission to promote.

As a viewer, it`s good to be kept up to date when a post is sponsored or just an actual recommendation. This feature provides transparency before you consider engaging with the recommended product or service. If you want to promote your brand on Facebook, do it! Today is the right time to take the first step! Microblogging platform Twitter banned political ads on its website in November 2019. The Corporation has defined content as any contribution relating to, among other things, the candidate, political party, elected or appointed representative of the government, elections, referendum and judicial results. The ban was global. Facebook has decided to allow U.S. politicians to run branded content on social networking platforms in addition to political ads. Branded content is sponsored content for which the advertiser pays the content creators directly.

Если вы поднимаете публикацию или используете неопубликованную рекламу, мы добавляем в нее отметку Реклама, как и в любую другую рекламу на Facebook. For example, if you write a legend, you need to check its quality in terms of grammar and syntax. You can set a rule to check for errors in any text using proofreading and editing services such as grammar. If you post branded posts too often, your target audience will perceive your content as spam. As a result, brand loyalty will decrease. Once your brand has had access to this feature, you must first enable your partner`s approval setting. Click here for more information. . Marketers who want to amplify their branded content can now promote it.

Make sure that the „Business partner can promote this post“ option is enabled to give the marketer permission to promote the post. The marketer can use Facebook targeting and Custom Audiences on their end to reach the right people. The target audience will see that the post comes from the creator, even if the marketer promoted it. To use Facebook`s branded content tool, all campaigns and political groups must be allowed as „political advertisers“ through the social networking platform`s identity verification processes. .


What Is Paid Partnership on Facebook

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