From the beginning

Our story continues only for you

Discover the pleasure of re-creation at Lake Asveja. We offer you an exclusively beautiful place for refuge and various events. ORO Dubingiai is a hotel in nature situated 50 kilometres away from Vilnius and operating all year-round.


What is “ORO”? It is the idea, that relaxation should liberate and inspire.

It is an opportunity to walk down the forest path without knowing where it leads, or to run along the sandy beach because you want to, but not because you have to.

We remind the things that many people often forget during their everyday life. We remind that there is an inherent right to personal freedom, the fact, that sometimes it is not mandatory to run somewhere, there is no need to rush, it is acceptable to not to do anything…

Relax. With “ORO”, all your worries will dissolve here and the time will flow just for You.

Keista nepratusiam, rutinos išvargintam,
kai sustoji, o skubėti nereikia.

Kryptis priklauso tik nuo tavęs,
nuo lengvo mosto irklu.

Arba gali tiesiog ilsėtis ir spėlioti
Kur bangos nuneš



Address: Utenos g. 41 A, LT-08217 Vilnius
Registration code: 120546940
VAT: LT205469418

Bank account: LT 68 4010 0424 0232 9870

Tel.: +370 614 1 1253
Email address:


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