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The Jurkiškis River Cognitive Trail

This river is also known as Melnyčėlė – it’s one of the most interesting and spectacular natural objects of Asveja regional park. The river is only 1.2 km long; however, it “falls down” approximately 12 metres within this short distance. It also reminds a mountain stream by its turbulent flow, as well as twists and turns; meanwhile, the height of its slopes is 18 metres. Its bottom is full of boulders. In the middle of the watercourse, there is a natural heritage object – Jurkiškis Boulder, which circumference reaches 5 metres, due to which it was recognised as “A Child of Puntukas Boulder” and therefore it is protected by the state. To reveal the entire beauty of the canyon valley to its visitors, the 1.5 km long cognitive trail was created along with the Jurkiškis River, including the information tables and arrows.

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