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Fitness route 4 SEASONS

Forest route 4 SEASONS is designed to be used all year round: by running, cycling, skiing, or just enjoying a walk.

Route length – 11 km., it is marked with fixed pointers, as well as additional red stripes marked on tree trunks. If such distance is too big of a challenge, you may turn around at any time and take the same route to go back. Enjoy fresh air, beautiful forest and landscape of Dubingiai, and don’t miss the spectacular views of the lake – the route includes as much as three marked viewpoints of Asveja and Baluošas lakes. Moreover, ORO Dubingiai hotel also offers comfortable Nordic walking poles and bicycles, so do not hesitate – enjoy the route!

Dubingiai mound

A palace of the nobles Radvilos and the Evangelical-Reformed Church stood on the high hill overlooking the Dubingiai town in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. From the archaeological point of view, this is one of the most interesting places in Lithuania. Scientists have excavated several hundreds of valuable artefacts here. The earliest is a kind of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas (XV c.), the latest – Radvilos marble tombstone fragments (about 1630). In the churchyard and basement they found a number of remains of one of the most powerful Lithuanian noble families Radvilos. Now there is an exhibition of the Radvilos palace remains. For those interested in the history of Dubingiai castle the exhibition offers an audio guide service, which is available to individual visitors and groups.

.Jurkiškiai Rivulet

The Jurkiškiai Rivulet streams to Lake Asvėja from a small Suolelis Lake situated between the hills. Its length is only 1.2 km, and the creek itself reminds a mountain stream, as water roars on the rocky bottom, to drop from the source to the mouth from as high as 12 meters. A huge stone, called the Puntukas child lies in its bed.

Gurakalnė swamp

This swamp is not far from our hotel, in about 15 minutes walk. Gurakalnė swamp gets is water only from precipitation and surface water, it is very low in mineral content. A wooden, 0.7 km long trail is erected over swamp; enjoy walking on it and exploring the swamp up close.

Liudgardas slope

Liudgardas slope is a steep hillside in front of Vainikai Island overgrown with mature pine forest, between the mouth of the Baluošas stream and Giraitės village. It offers a great view of Lake Asveja, is equipped with a staircase, that leads to the lake. This place is not far from our hotel, in about 10 minutes walk

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